Technical Presentation: A Successful Hydraulic Multistage ReFracturing Pilot: The Story from Pilot C

When:  Feb 25, 2020 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM (CET)
Associated with  Vienna Basin Section

A Successful Hydraulic Multistage ReFracturing Pilot: The Story from Pilot Candidate Selection to Post-job Evaluation and Rollout

While the recognition of the potential candidate was a coincidence by intersecting a stimulated area from one well to a neighboring well, resulting in sustainable higher production, the study phase to identify the full field potential and candidate well identification was executed in a structured way. A primary challenge was the proper preparation of the well, while keeping the overall costs manageable.

Multistage hydraulic re-stimulation is not well utilized in Europe thus far and has not been applied offshore. In this mature field, the entire process from study to execution and post-job analysis was strongly cost driven, but resulted in the potential for six more hydraulically stimulated wells in this field.

Biography: Peter Janiczek holds a BSc, MSc and PhD from University Leoben in Petroleum Engineering. He currently is a senior expert production technology with a strong focus on stimulation engineering, mainly working for major development projects and operations support with 10 years of oil & gas experience, particularly in upstream.

Peter published several papers in peer reviewed chemical engineering journals and also within SPE about chemical tracers, fluid development, fracturing and re-fracturing.


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